Family Re-engineering

Through learning how to better handle stress and conflict, families can improve their responses to the developing needs of their members, as well as to changing environmental conditions. Fainsilber Advisors helps clients build cooperation and trust between family members, increasing their capacity to support one another.

Individual and organizational assessments

When people gain insight about themselves and how they interact with others, they are able to better communicate, learn and work. Through the use of assessment tools reserved only for professional psychologists, Fainsilber Advisors can help determine individual strengths and preferences, as well as areas for potential development. Combining such individual assessments yields an organizational assessment that facilitates recommendations for organizational improvement

Succession planning

Choosing the next generation of leadership for the family enterprise is one of the most important and difficult tasks in the life of a family business. With skill and experience in managing personal and inter-personal matters, Fainsilber Advisors helps families through the process of deciding when, how and who should be the next generation leader for the business, while supporting the entire family to ensure a smooth transition.

Next generation leadership development

The success of an intergenerational transition relies on the ability of the two generational leaders to work together. This is a critical period in which families can benefit greatly form external support. Fainsilber Advisors works with both generations helping them feel secure in the process of transition, focusing in training the incoming generation to prepare them to meet the evolving need of the business and to nurture the wellbeing of all its members

Intra-family and inter-family conflict resolution

Conflicts are inherent in family businesses given the complex nature of the relationships in this particular type of organization. With the proper guidance through situations of conflict, a family can use such moments as opportunity to enhance familial ties and working relationships.

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